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What Do You Get?

Progressive, systematic and safe, Optimal Training provides clients with the knowledge and skills to live a healthy lifestyle!

Based on scientific principles of human movement science, Optimal Training promotes balance, mobility and physical strength. The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), located in the United States, is the foundation of Optimal Training, guiding the design of each client’s unique fitness program.


Stabilization phase concentrates on improving muscular efficiency and endurance through placing clients in controlled but unstable challenges.


Strength phase continues developing muscular endurance and efficiency while increasing muscle size and overall physical strength.


Power phase is often taken on following Stabilization and Strength phases and emphasizes the development of speed and power.

The Fitness Programs

I want the Complete Package!

Assessment of body composition, muscle imbalances and readiness to train

Development of a training program focused on fitness goals and muscle imbalances

Knowledge on exercise modalities and training techniques

Guidance through nutritional and supplement goals

Support via email correspondence and hands-on training sessions

The cost is 1500 Dk for the assessment, follow-up meeting on results, four supervised training sessions.

I just want Supervised Training!

If you just want supervised training sessions without the assessment and nutritional and supplement support, the cost is 500 Dk per hour.

Can I get a Deal if I train with Others?

If you are interested in training with friends, please contact me to discuss the cost 

Where Do We Train?

Assessment may be completed at your home or at my office in Christianshavn. Training sessions may take place at your home, your fitness center or Vesterbronx Gym, depending on the program.

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